The REAL Cost
of going off the grid

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Nick Meissner got started with solar power over 20 years ago when he set up a remote cabin off the grid.  After years of hands-on experience and research, Nick has spent many years teaching thousands of non-technical folks how to produce their own power.  He loves teaching others how to properly design their own solar system rather than to depend on solar retailers for this critical step.  His goal is for you to end up with a quality system that produces all the power you need and doesn't cost an arm and a leg!




  • Sunday
  • 7:00pm Eastern
  • 6:00pm Central
  • 4:00pm Pacific

What You'll Learn In This Free 1-Hour Class:

  • Off grid vs grid tie - which to choose?
  • Examples of how much a solar system costs
  • The 3 biggest ways to cut solar system costs
  • Resources for further training
  • And MUCH MORE!

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