"How To Save Your Solar Power System From An EMP"

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  • Tuesday
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Your Presenter

Nick Meissner - I started with solar power almost 20 years ago when my family moved off the grid. After years of hands-on experience and research, I've spent the last 13 years teaching thousands of non-technical folks how to produce their own power off the grid, and do it with a reasonable budget. In this class, I'll be discussing how an EMP would impact your off grid solar system and what you can do to keep it up and running. This will be a very practical class with simple solutions, not a bunch of technical theory.

What You'll Learn In This Free 1-Hour Class:

  • What an EMP actually is (in laymen's terms)
  • The potential effect of an EMP on our society
  • How an EMP could affect your solar power system
  • Simple steps you can take to get/keep your solar system online after an EMP
  • And MORE!

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